Friday, June 8, 2007

Welcome To My World

Hi people
Just bitten by the blog virus.Created this one recently.Just posting my first blog.

Don't have much to write as of now.Just a short introduction of myself.

I am Partha, a 26 yr. old from Kolkata,India.I did my schooling from South Point High School and graduated with a Bachelor Of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from JadavpurUniversity,Kolkata in 2003.

I have worked for around 45 months in Tata Consultancy Services Limited as a software engineer with Utility as my domain and J2EE/Oracle as my technical platform.I have also assumed roles which included configuration management and competency manager for the entire account.

Though I valued my work,I was a bit frustrated with growing over-indulgence of the
Indian software services towards the mediocrity.Though software services are bringing
down a heavy influx of FDI in the country,it is failing miserably to appreciate the good from the rest.

The frustration compelled me to look into a different type of career other than a
software engineer and the drive saw me land up in Indian Institute Of
Management,Bangalore in 2007.I am eagerly looking forward to this new chapter,
life has offered me.

My career interest lies in finance,investment banking and general consultancy.

My hobbies include Graphology,study of hand writing.I am a certified graphologistSudoku remains a close second favourite and i reached the Eastern India Zonal finals in the National Sudoku Championship 2007.I also take interest in stock market activities.Cricket was a passion till WC 2007.

Signing off.
Stay Young